The works of talented and passionate photographers from around the world capturing images of "life in our time"...

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As Black and White Street and Streets In Color is a FREE service to promote Photographers and their passionate creations along with our dedication to showing the world the importance of this archival register of images we rely primarily on our Donators.

TO DONATE ; Simply click on the YELLOW Donate button found at the bottom of any page in this website

With Generous donations we can provide this website and gallery coupled with a constant search for ways to get your images on the screens of our fellow humans throughout the world.  Donations are used mainly to support the website. Server space and constantly having technical support to ensure a reliable and fast  service that remains online as it grows daily.   The need for large volume, high speed, server space to host this gallery and also ongoing website upgrades and maintenance are among our largest costs.  Black and White Street group and Gallery currently consumes approx 190 man hours per week including time used in our project to market the site, thus promoting the photogrphers.

 Thank you 

A Special Thanks To Our Donators.

Gardner Hamilton and The Team