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From capturing the unexpected to anticipating stories

Capturing the moment in street photography requires a delicate balance of intuition and intent. Depending on who you are, you may prefer to use one over the other, and this will undoubtedly impact your style and your photography. At a very basic level, some photographers feel more comfortable finding an appropriate frame to let stories happen, while some are happy to capture images on the go, without pre-defined ideas and nearly no thinking at all. But exploring techniques where we feel less comfortable may just be the right way to take our street photography skills to the next level – and uncover a whole new world of possibilities for our creativity and photography.

When thinking of shooting styles, we can define three distinct methods for capturing the moment based on level of intent:

·  Premeditation – Determining beforehand the scene and possible story in a static frame, and waiting for subjects to create the envisioned story within the boundaries of the frame.

· Anticipation – Anticipating what the story could be in a dynamic, shifting environment, and working the scene intelligently to capture these potential stories.

·  Awareness – Capturing unexpected stories and encounters on the go, as they reveal themselves, in a moment-by-moment awareness.

Read the full article here: to learn more about each technique, and understand why it's good to step out of your comfort zone.

Have a great day,

Marie Laigneau